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HoneycombGallery - Honeycomb Gallery

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This is a demo application highlighting how to use some of the new APIs in Honeycomb, including:

The image gallery shows how all these pieces can work together in one application.

Update: This app has been updated for Android 4.0 to support handsets by reusing fragments in separate activities when on smaller screens.

The application includes the following key classes:

  • ContentFragment A fragment responsible for containing the "content" of the application. Displays images, receives drag/drop events from other fragments, and can invoke the contextual action bar using action modes.
  • TitlesFragment Shows a ListView of photos to display in the ContentFragment. Photos can be chosen either by tapping on the listview, or dragging them from the list to the content area. The list of photos displayed depends on the category selected in the ActionBar.
  • MainActivity This is the main entry point of the application. MainActivity is responsible for initialization of the ActionBar, TitlesFragment, and ContentFragment. MainActivity is also responsible for keeping track of the currently selected theme and currently selected photo when the activity is recreated, such as when the screen is rotated or an intent to a separate activity is fired (such as the included Camera sample). MainActivity also contains code demonstrating how to animate showing/hiding fragments (in this case, the TitlesFragment) and the ActionBar, demonstrating how to smoothly transition between states in your application.
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