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JetBoy - JetBoy

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JetBoy is a sample game that demonstrates the use of the class to implement an interactive music soundtrack in an application. JetBoy uses JET content created with JetCreator and game-generated events fed to JetPlayer to adapt the soundtrack to the user actions. Listen to how the melody picks up when you start shooting asteroids, how you are congratulated when you hit several asteroids in a row, or destroy enough of them in the allotted time.

The file in JetBoy illustrates the loading of JET content (loading a file, queuing segments), its playback, and how to alter what is currently playing (use of clips and mute masks).

Note: The JETBOY_content/ directory is empty in this online presentation of the application. For complete access to all the JetBoy files, see the sample code included in the SDK, located at <sdk>/platforms/<platform>/samples/JetBoy/.

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