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Android APIs
Added in API level 1



Buffer A buffer is a list of elements of a specific primitive type. 
ByteBuffer A buffer for bytes. 
ByteOrder Defines byte order constants. 
CharBuffer A buffer of chars. 
DoubleBuffer A buffer of doubles. 
FloatBuffer A buffer of floats. 
IntBuffer A buffer of ints. 
LongBuffer A buffer of longs. 
MappedByteBuffer MappedByteBuffer is a special kind of direct byte buffer which maps a region of file to memory. 
ShortBuffer A buffer of shorts. 


BufferOverflowException A BufferOverflowException is thrown when elements are written to a buffer but there is not enough remaining space in the buffer. 
BufferUnderflowException A BufferUnderflowException is thrown when elements are read from a buffer but there are not enough remaining elements in the buffer. 
InvalidMarkException An InvalidMarkException is thrown when reset() is called on a buffer, but no mark has been set previously. 
ReadOnlyBufferException A ReadOnlyBufferException is thrown when some write operation is called on a read-only buffer.