dmtracedump is a tool that gives you an alternate way of generating graphical call-stack diagrams from trace log files (instead of using Traceview).

This document is a reference to the available command line options. For more information on generating trace logs, see Profiling with Traceview and dmtracedump.

The usage for dmtracedump is:

dmtracedump [-ho] [-s sortable] [-d trace-base-name] [-g outfile] <trace-base-name>

The tool then loads trace log data from <trace-base-name>.data and <trace-base-name>.key. The table below lists the options for dmtracedump.

Option Description
-d <trace-base-name> Diff with this trace name
-g <outfile> Generate output to <outfile>
-h Turn on HTML output
-o Dump the trace file instead of profiling
-d <trace-base-name> URL base to the location of the sortable javascript file
-t <percent> Minimum threshold for including child nodes in the graph (child's inclusive time as a percentage of parent inclusive time). If this option is not used, the default threshold is 20%.