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Google Services

Google offers a variety of services that help you build new revenue streams, enhance your app's capabilities, manage distribution and payloads, and track usage and installs. The sections below highlight some of the services offered by Google and link you to more information about how to use them in your Android app.

Monetize your app

There are many ways to monetize your Android app, such as with ad impressions or In-App billing. If you choose to charge a price to download your app, Android also provides the ability to check for valid application licenses to protect your revenue. Because different apps require different strategies, you can pick which ones are best for your app.


Google AdMob Ads

Generate revenue by displaying ads in your app with multiple ad networks.

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In-App Billing

Engage users by offering features such as new content or virtual goods directly in your app.

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Application Licensing

Protect your revenue streams and integrate policies for usage into your a pp.

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Enhance Your App's Capabilities

Android and Google technologies work together to provide your users with compelling interactions with technologies such as Maps and Google+.


Google Play Services

Leverage Google products in your app with an easy to use authentication flow for your users.

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Google Cloud Messaging

Notify your apps of important events with messages that are lightweight and battery-saving.

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Google Maps

The Google Maps library for Android brings powerful mapping capabilities to your app.

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Manage App Distribution

Google Play allows you to manage your app distribution with features that let you control which users can download your app as well as deliver separate versions of your app based on certain characteristics like platform version.


Filters on Google Play

Make sure your app gets to the right users by filtering on a wide range of characteristics such as platform versions and hardware features.

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Multiple APK Support

Distribute different APKs based on a variety of properties such as platform version, screen size, and GLES texture compression support.

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APK Expansion files

Tap into Google's content delivery services by serving up to 4GB of assets for free. Provide users with high-fidelity graphics, media files, or other large assets that are required by your app.

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Track Performance with Analytics

Google Analytics let you find out how users find your apps and how they use them. Start integrating analytics to measure your app's success.

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